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Freedive Bootcamp – Vacations with a purpose

If you have never heard of freediving then watch this video. Now.

What will your experience be like?

You’ll live with 5 other people and your freediving instructors in an amazing renovated ancient stone house. You’ll start your days doing breathing exercises on a secluded platform next to the crystal clear Adriatic sea while listening to the waves. After some last stretches you’ll walk into the water for freediving classes and dives.

Freediving meditates you. When you dive down into the deep blue time slows down. You become totally emerged in the present moment, the here and the now. There’s no traffic, no city noises, no smoke. All there is is the dark blue and you feeling one with it. While you push the boundaries of your body and mind you enter a meditative state, which for many people becomes a life changing experience and often transforms into a more healthy and balanced freediving friendly lifestyle.

Usually you will be back at the Mill House around noon where we cook together and have lunch. In the afternoon there’s theory lessons, yoga and/breathing sessions and on two days we either go on a fortification tour or kayaking.

What will you learn?

During your experience you will become a certified AIDA 2 freediver. You will learn a lot about yourself, about your body and what happens to it when you hold your breathe while you’re immersed in water. You’ll learn how to calm your mind to be more relaxed before a dive. Toegther we will do stretching and breathing techniques so you can hold your breath longer. We’ll do workouts to improve your general fitness and we learn about how your body deals with oxygen and co2. At the end of your stay you’ll be able to comfortably dive to a depth between 15 and 23 meters.

This is how your 6 day/5 night experience will look like in more detail:

How will your days look like?

You’ll arrive at Podgorica, Tivat or Dubrovnik (check out our “Getting there” guide for advice how to get to Montenegro). A driver will pick you up and bring you either to the Luštica Mill House or the Kotor Bay Villa. You’ll have time to settle in and explore the surrounding beaches to take a dip in the sea if you feel like it.
Day 1 - Breathing + STAtic + First Free Immersion open water session
After a yoga/stretching session we’ll head to Klinci Village for breathing exercises, first on land then for STAtic training in the pool.

Brunch at Klinci + Theory
Still at Klinci we’ll have a buffet style brunch while we learn about “Equalization”.

Mid day
We head to a secluded platform in the Adriatic sea, our main dive location, for some first deep dives using the free immersion (FIM) technique.
No worries, you don’t have to go deep. The goal of the first open water session is to feel comfortable in the water.

Afternoon & Evening
We’ll head home for an early dinner followed by our “Freediving Technique” theory session, focussing on the duck dive and constant weight (CWT) technique.
Whoever feel like joins for board games and/or freediving movies.

Day 2 - Open water session + Fortification tour + Sunset spot
Feel free to grab a banana or an apple before we head out to our dive spot.
After a yoga/stretching session we put on our wet suits and jump into the water for our second open water session, practicing our duck dives and having some first attempts at getting down with fins using the constant weight (CWT) technique.

We’ll cook together and have lunch at home on the terrace.

Did you know the Austrian-Hungarian Empire once occupied Montenegro? The remains in shape of bunkers, fortifications and tunnels are still there, untouched and abandoned. We dedicate the afternoon to exploring these hidden architectural gems. Bring your running shoes and be prepared to enter dark tunnels, scary fortifications and hidden bunkers!

On top of an old guard house you’ll witness the most amazing sunset you can imagine.

Day 3 - Morning Open Water session, afternoon chill time and BBQ Party at the Jamaica house!
We’ll do some stretching on our secluded platform in the adriatic sea followed by another open water dive session. Hopefully by the end of the session we mastered the duck dive and the CWT technique.

Straight from the water, we’ll head to the small picturesque fishing village “Rose” and have lunch at the Adriatic restaurant.

The afternoon is free. You can stay in Rose, chill at home, go on a hike or check out Tivat, Kotor or Budva,

Evening / Night: BBQ & Party at Jamaica house
Around 8PM everyone heads to the Jamaica house for some BBQ, guitar sounds at the camp fire and party time!

Day 4 - Fun day + Kayak + Blue Cave
We’ll grab some fruits and fill our water bottles. Don’t forget your sunblock, it’s going to be hot in those kayaks!
We head to Veslo camp where 4 kayaks will be waiting for us.
After two kilometers of paddling we discover the amazing blue cave, one of Montenegros most visited attractions. We don’t like most visited, so the real highlight of the trip are some small caves nobody knows about which invite for some fun dives. We won’t bring our suits, masks and snorkels is all we need!

Day 5 - Requirements day
What matters most is that we all have a great time. We don’t want to be too goal focussed and think about requirements. Today though is the day to check those requirements off the list.
You’ll try to dive to 16 meters, do some buddying and rescue dives and if the stars align once we get out of the water you have all requirements you need to get your AIDA2 certificate.

We’ll cook together at home and have lunch on the terrace.

Afternoon & Evening
Whatever you want. There will be no official activities during the afternoon and evening.

Day 6 - Last open water session + Written Exam + Good bye lunch at MIrista restaurant
Plenty of time for diving today, using whatever technique you like. The last day is also perfect to shoot some awesome underwater pics and videos. Feel free to bring your GoPro!

Mid day
Time for the written exam!

Afternoon & Evening
We’ll head to Mirista beach for a good bye lunch at an awesome beach restaurant. Whoever feels like can jump into the water again!

This is the official end of the Freedive Bootcamp experience.

If your flight goes the next day you can stay an extra night for a small fee, there will be no official breakfast but you can grab some fruits and whatever is left. In case you need a ride, we can arrange a driver to bring you to either Tivat, Podgorica or Dubrovnik.

(Embed a picture gallery here), with forts and kayak pic and SUP

Will I fit in if I come on my own?

Yes! In fact the course is designed for individual growth so coming alone is encouraged. The groups are small (3-8 people) plus our teachers so you will make friends and fit right in. Meals are communal, activities are with the other guests and there will be some time for yourself.

What is the price of the bootcamp experience?

The price for the 6 days/5 nights bootcamp is:

  • 690€ per person sharing a room for two + 15€ per day for food
  • 830€ per person single room + 15€ per day for food

Staying an additional night before and/or after the bootcamp is 20€ per additional night.

Private sessions upon availability.
All payments in cash, via paypal or IBAN/SWIFT bank transfer.

What is included in the price?

  • Delicious and healthy lunches and dinners including local organic fruits and vegetables + daily healthy smoothies
  • Yoga and workout sessions
  • All freediving sessions + Freediving AIDA 2 certificate
  • Half day Kayak trip
  • Half day Lustica fortification tour

What is not included in the price?

  • Transport from Airport to the Luštica Mill House (can be arranged on request: Podgorica 40€, Tivat: 15€, Dubrovnik: 50€)
  • Meals in Restaurants

Apart from the freediving training you will have time for kayaking, stand-up paddling, mountain biking and exploring the Austrian-Hungarian fortifications in the area. The fortification tour and one kayak trip is included in the package. Additional kayaking, stand up paddling and mountain/e-bike trips can be arranged for a discounted fee.

Past Bootcamps:


Bootcamp dates for 2022

  • June 20 until June 25 – 6 days/5 nights bootcamp (8 spots available)
  • July 4 until July 9 – 6 days/5 nights bootcamp (8 spots available)
  • July 18 until July 23 – 6 days/5 nights bootcamp (8 spots available)
  • more camps planned for September 2022, dates will be updated once known

Is there a discount if I book in advance?
If you book before February 15th by sending us 50% of the total fee then you’ll get a 10% discount.
In case you can’t make it and you cancel at least 14 days before the first day of the event, you will get 50% back.

Questions? Please feel free to add Fabian on WhatsApp and schedule a voice or video call.
WhatsApp: +49 176 724 755 23

Can I book an individual experience outside the scheduled bootcamps?

Absolutely. We are available from mid May to end of October for individual AIDA courses and for designing your individual bootcamp experience. All you need to do is to get in touch with us.