What do the participants say?

“I just completed the freedivebootcamp 1 week AIDA 2 course in Montenegro. We were a group of 6 students with two teachers/instructors. The location and the schedule and diving were amazing. I cannot think of a better place to either begin a free dive adventure or continue a bit further and deeper if you have already have some experience. We were led through some essential theory in a fun way, spent a little time in a small beautiful pool to practice breath hold and then the rest of the week we went to an amazing dive site on the Lustica Peninsula which has calm warm and super clear water. I had some experience free diving and Fabian was able to tailor his instruction to get the best results for me. I was able to greatly improve my breath hold and duck dive. We all stayed in a beautiful 4 bedroom stone villa, ate fresh local food, went on a walking tour of the old fortifications dating from centuries past, had a day off mid week and explored the coastline, the blue caves, and the cliffs falling into the perfect Adriatic Sea by kayak. We had a few meals at restaurants on the water and a BBQ at Fabian’s home where we got to meet some locals. All of us accomplished a lot in a short time thanks to Fabbian and Bruno. We also had movement, yoga and breath work sessions that complemented the diving. It did not feel like a boot camp but rather a relaxing snd fun retreat. But by the end of the week all 6 of us met the qualifications for the AIDA course. And we all were fitter and tanner and very relaxed! I plan to come back next summer and take the next level course with freedivebootcamp.”

Nathaniel (55), Florida

“Thanks for an amazing week at Freedive Bootcamp! It was the perfect balance of fun and challenge and Fabian and Bruno were very knowledgeable and could clarify any questions we had about the dive and equalisation. The house was very clean and cozy. We cooked together and had dinner on the terrace as well as movement classes, a kajak trip and a fortification adventure with sunset views from the top of a little mountain. I came out of the trip revitalised and relaxed at the same time and hope to join again next year for Aida 3.”

Siris (30), London

“Freedivebootcamp is a great experience. The combination between well taught freediving-lessons, morning meditation, movement and breathing practice, most delicious meals and fun outdoor activities surrounded by like minded people and stunning nature is amazing and exceeded all my expectations. But despite all the group activities there is still enough time to make space for your own needs and alone time.

Since you don’t need a special fitness level to try freediving i really recommend this practice to anyone who is interested to get in touch with the own body, nature and other people. For me it was a very precious experience with lots of big and small moments to remember.

Definitely coming back!”

Mimi (26), Berlin, October 2020 Camp

“My stay at the Freediving Bootcamp has opened a door for me in a so far unknown world. The instructors Fabian and Bruno prepared us very well for each diving experience. The spots were absolutely beautiful. Fabian cared for us like a mother also during the free time, like preparing a great barbecue night or the fortification tour. We missed absolutely nothing. The kayaking tour to the caves on our rest day was amazing and I had never imagined Montenegro would be such a beautiful country. The accommodation was very cosy and well equipped. Also the movement and stretching sessions were perfectly instructed by Bruno. Food had been wonderful and our group full of inspiring likeminded people! I successfully finished the AIDA 2 course and can’t wait to come back next year for the AIDA 3 and 4. Thanks to Fabian and Bruno for the wonderful time! See you soon!”

Vicente (38), Hamburg

“Das Bootcamp hat wirklich Spaß gemacht. Eine Woche abtauchen – entspannen in der Tiefe, mit bunten Fischen in glitzerndem Wasser, und tiefenentspannt wieder auftauchen. Dazu gab es eine Kajak-Tour, Stretching, Outdoor-Sport und eine kleine Wanderung mit Sprung in den U-Boot-Tunnel und beinahe kitschigem Sonnenuntergang. Morgens haben wir frische Feigen vom Baum gepflückt und auch sonst sehr gut auf der Sonnenterrasse gegessen. Kann ich nur empfehlen!!!”

Carlotta (33), Berlin

“The Freediving Bootcamp is the best thing and the hardest thing I have ever done. Above all, something I can’t wait to do again. As someone said in one of the videos we watched in the course, freediving is all about going beneath the surface on a number of levels. So you dive into the ocean but you also dive down into yourself, into your past, into your darker parts. All along the way, Fabian and Henry did an absolutely amazing job at supporting me and encouraging me with an exceptional instinct for when to push me and when to give me time to catch myself. The diving site and Montenegro is just beyond. Stunningly beautiful wherever you go. The company and companionship on the course was fantastic and post-dive and on days off, Fabian showed us amazingly beautiful spots that I would have never come across on my own. If you are thinking of doing the course, don’t. Just go!”

Zarifa (42), Copenhagen, August 2022 Camp