A Tune Up For the Mind, Body & Soul

Dive deep into your mind, let freediving meditate you, live healthy & adventurously and experience the amazing untouched nature of the Luštica peninsula in Montenegro.

Bootcamps in 2024

June Courses
June Courses
June 21th - 28th (2 spots left)
July 1st - 8th (3 spots left)
July 10th - 17th (1 spot left)
July 19th - 26th (6 spot left)
August 31st July - 7th (2 spots left)
August 16th - 23rd (1 spot left)
September 15th - 21st
September 22nd to 29th

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Individual freediving courses&trainings almost every week between May and October

About Freedive Bootcamp - The only Freediving school in the Balkans

What is Freedive Bootcamp? It is a 6-day/7-night freediving and outdoor experience on the peninsula of Luštica in Montenegro to make you fitter, healthier and most importantly comfortable to dive deep into the sea.

Imagine yourself starting your mornings by lying on a rock next to the Adriatic sea, in the beautiful bay of Kotor. While listening to the waves you learn how to hold your breath longer so you can dive into the deep blue where time stands still.

Freediving is about understanding yourself, your body and your mind. It's being in the present moment, entering a meditative flow state when you dive into the dark blue, where only the here and the now exists. For many people freediving is life changing and healing. Freediving meditates you without you trying to meditate.

Your experience will include hikes to abandoned forts and tunnels, kayaking, stand up paddling, local healthy food, stretching and yoga by the sea, freediving skills such as breathing- and breath holding techniques. At the end of your stay you will be an AIDA certified freediver (AIDA 2).

Fabian and his team will make sure you'll head back with a set of amazing pictures from inside and outside the water.

”I want to offer a space here on this beautiful peninsula where people can try freediving while living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy nature, that is why I created Freedive Bootcamp.” – Fabian

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About Fabian

Fabian is a born traveler with an appetite for adventure that has taken him around the world. He drove an old Merzedes from Berlin to Cape Town, a land rover from Argentina to Colombia and successfully founded and ran his IT startup meanwhile.

After getting introduced to Freediving in Mexico in 2016 by national champion Pepe Salcedo, he continued his training with Blueocean Freedivers in Dahab, Egypt. Fabian received his AIDA Instructor certificate in late 2019 under the guidance of Walid Boudhiaf in San Andres, Colombia and did his cross-over to the Molchanovs education system with Julia Mouce from Apnea Bali in Bali, Indonesia.

After a decade of traveling around the world, Fabian settled down in Lustica, Montenegro where he now loves to introduce people to freediving while living a healthy, active and adventurous life on the untouched and wild Luštica pensinsula.

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About Montenegro

The Lustica Peninsula is where you’ll find the real Montenegro, a hidden gem along Montenegro’s coastline. Ancient olive groves that have been tended by local families for centuries, small fishing villages by the sea side and many hidden beaches with cristal clear water, makes Luštica the perfect base for our freediving adventures!

When not freediving, Luštica invites YOU to go kayaking or stand up paddling along the coast, exploring various remains of the Austrian-Hungarian empire in form of abandoned forts, submarine tunnels and bunkers or party in one of Lušticas trendy beach clubs.

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