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Freedive Bootcamp – Vacations with a purpose

If you have never heard of freediving then watch this video. Now.

What will your experience be like?

You’ll live with 4-8 other people and your freediving instructors in an amazing house by the sea. You’ll start your days doing breathing exercises on a secluded platform next to the crystal clear Adriatic sea while listening to the waves. After some last stretches you’ll walk into the water for freediving classes and dives.

Freediving meditates you. When you dive down into the deep blue time slows down. You become totally emerged in the present moment, the here and the now. There’s no traffic, no city noises, no smoke. All there is is the dark blue and you feeling one with it. While you push the boundaries of your body and mind you enter a meditative state, which for many people becomes a life changing experience and often transforms into a more healthy and balanced freediving friendly lifestyle.

Usually you will be back at the House around noon where we cook together and have lunch. In the afternoon there’s theory lessons, yoga and/breathing sessions and on two days we either go on a fortification tour or kayaking.

What will you learn?

You will learn a lot about yourself, about your body and what happens to it when you hold your breathe while you’re immersed in water. You’ll learn how to calm your mind to be more relaxed before a dive. Together we will do stretching and breathing techniques so you can hold your breath longer. We’ll do workouts to improve your general fitness and we learn about how your body deals with oxygen and co2.

Will you fit in if you come on your own?

Yes! In fact the course is designed for individual growth so coming alone is encouraged. The groups are small (3-8 people) plus our teachers so you will make friends and fit right in. Meals are communal, activities are with the other guests and there will be some time for yourself.

How does the pricing & booking work?

In a nutshell, it depends on your choice of accommodation, food and gear.

6 day ‘Freediving Montenegro Experience’ hosted by SeaSpaceᵀᴹ, taught by Fabian and/or Bruno Giustozzi

  • Full Course – 690€

Accommodation options

  • find something in the area yourself (You would need to find a way to come to our freediving base every morning, location is “RT Veslo Lustica“)
  • Single bunk bed with sea-view (40€ per person * 7 nights)
  • Double bunk bed with sea-view – Single occupancy (50€ per person * 7 nights)
  • Double bunk bed with sea-view – Double occupancy (30€ per person * 7 nights)
  • Luxury room with King Size bed and sea-view – Single occupancy (110€ per person * 7 nights)
  • Luxury room with King Size bed and sea-view – Double (65€ per person * 7 nights)

Food options

  • 28€ per day (fruits, sth. small for breakfast, full lunch, full dinner including beer/wine)


  • Mask, Wetsuit, Fins, Weights 15€ per day

Transportation Options

  • Pick up / Drop off from Tivat Airport: 30€
  • Pick up / Drop off from Podgorica Airport: 65€
  • Pick up / Drop off from Dubrovnik Airport: 85€

All-Inclusive Price

Calculation for most common option (Single bunk bed): 690 + (387) + (286) + (15*5) = 1199€

Got any questions? Please feel free to add Fabian on WhatsApp and schedule a voice or video call.
WhatsApp: +49 176 724 755 23

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Private sessions upon availability between May and October
All payments in cash, via paypal or IBAN/SWIFT bank transfer.

What is included in the price?

  • Depending on the instructors: Yoga / Movement / Breathing or workout sessions.
  • Funky BBQ camp fire & guitar jam session
  • All freediving sessions + potential Molchanovs Wave 1/2 / Aida2 certification (on request)
  • Depending on weather conditions either half day Kayak/SUP trip, no-line diving snorkeling day or Herzeg Novi Day Trip
  • Use of community kitchen & Snacks
  • Food on all 5 activity days, you can use the community kitchen and groceries to cook your on own food on the off day in case you decide to stay at SeaSpace

What is not included in the price? What else?

  • Transport from Airport to the House (can be arranged on request, see pricing)
  • Meals in Restaurants
  • Additional nights in the accommodation are not included in the price. For additional nights see Pricing section above,
  • There is no food offered on the first and last day (arrival and departure day)
  • Boat fee to Herzeg Novi (7€ return ticket)

How will you spend your days?

In a nutshell: There’s 5 days of structured course program and 1 day off where you’ll have a chance to freely explore Kotor or other surroundings.
The structured days start at 8:30am, we’ll be back at SeaSpace around 12:30pm and have lunch around 1pm.
The afternoon program will resume at 3:30pm.
On the off day there’ll be a shuttle service to Kotor departing at 9am, coming back from Kotor at 7pm.

When should you be there? When does the camp start?

The Camp/Week lasts 7 nights & 6 days. If for example a camp/week is announced from August 16th – until August 23rd, then the 16th is the arrival day and the official start is on the morning of the 17th. For the above example the last activity day would be the 22nd while the 23rd is the departure day.
We recommend to arrive on the first day (earliest noon) and leave on the departure day.
You can arrive as late as 8:30am on the 2nd day (the 17th in above example).
You can leave anytime you want though recommend to stay until at least the evening pre-departure day.

Past Bootcamps:

Can I book an individual experience outside the scheduled bootcamps?

Absolutely. We are available from mid May to end of October for individual AIDA and Molchanov Wave courses and for designing your individual bootcamp experience. All you need to do is to get in touch with us.